Step 1. Discuss Plans and Ideas
  The client can provide magazine clippings, photographs, style references, etc. to help convey ideas and plans of service.  The Perfect Fit will also make style and design suggestions based upon the client's space.
  Step 2. Approximate Price Range
  The Perfect Fit will give the client an approximate price range for the services requested.  A retainer fee is requested for the process to continue to the next step.  The retainer fee is based upon the size of the job.
  Step 3. Drawings
  Working drawings will be provided to the client.  The Perfect Fit will go over the elevations and floor plans with the client.  Sample wood cuts will be provided to finalize the wood finish and style.  If client is satisfied then a firm price will be quoted.  If the client is not satisfied then the drawing can either be re-worked or the client can decide to take the drawings and be refunded the difference between the retainer price and cost of drawings.
  Step 4. Price Negotiation
  The Perfect Fit and the client will decide on a price for the product and installation of the product.  50% of the product price will be paid before continuing construction of product.
Step 5. Delivery and Installation
This is the final step of the process.  The balance of the product price is paid by client upon delivery of product and installation begins.  Installation cost will be paid by client upon completion of installation.  

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